Austria embarks on investments offensive Government plans to revitalize economy through strategic initiavies in regionalization, digitization and climate change. READ MORE Newsweek:
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Innovation still at the fore of Austria's economy Austria ranks second in Europe for expenditure on research and development, and is renowned for its extensive innovation ecosystem READ MORE Summer season kicks-off with the EU allowing entry to 15 safe countries Austria has gradually reignitied its tourism sector, enticing visitors to their great outdoors and clean and safe cities.

Three pillar plan to revitalize Austria’s economy

The Austrian government recently presented a three-pillared plan for economic revitalization on 29 April. Firstly, taxes will be lowered for employees, especially in crisis-essential sectors. “That is a question of social justice but, in times like these, it is also necessary to stimulate domestic consumption,” said Kurz. Secondly, businesses will be subjected to fewer regulations and taxes in future. “Companies, banks and government institutions are faced with a unique situation. It is, therefore, particularly important to work together quickly and without red tape,” Schramböck noted.

Finally, the government will carry out an “investments offensive” focused on regionalization, further boosting Austria’s digitalization and climate change, an area where the government has pioneering goals that include being carbon neutral by 2040 and for all electricity to come from renewables by 2030. From lockdown to economic restart, Austria has taken “rapid and targeted measures,” summarized Schramböck, stressing that the government will continue to “do everything we can to avoid jeopardizing our positive trend.”

” We will only be able to win the fight against coronavirus and help our economies recover if we work together to develop a vaccine and a cure. I am therefore pleased to announce that Austria will contribute 31 million euros to this end. “

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

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